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about me

Passionate about Bringing People Closer to God

I'm Daniele Carneiro, pastor of MAVEC, I'm 42 years old, I'm married to Pr. Luiz Augusto Carneiro, a blessing from God in my life.


I have a degree in Portuguese-English Languages from UFRJ, a post-graduate degree in English from PUC-RJ and I also studied a Masters in Linguistics at PUC-RJ.

My maternal grandparents were responsible for opening several Assemblies of God. I helped my husband with the shepherding and opening of Churches and Congregations. 

I attended several Christian leadership training schools. On May 13, 2008, I was consecrated to the Pastoral Ministry   at the Church of Nova Vida da Tijuca by Bishops Tito Oscar, Jorcelino Queiroz and Pr. Martin Luther, my pastor at the time, to whom I am equally grateful for the years of learning and growth.


Author of the books "Reconstructing a life project" and "WE PRAY! A call to a life of Prayer and Intercession" written together with my husband and the newest book "Decree, Declare, Enjoy the Power of the Word of God", released in March 2021.


Sunday Bible School Teacher and Leader of the Ministry of Intercession. I have been teaching and training God's people in Prophetic Ministry, Intercession, Deliverance and Inner Healing, Spiritual Warfare, and leadership development.


Director and Professor at ETAP - School of Apostolic and Prophetic Training. Director and Founder of Ephesus Mission School.

I had the privilege of being part of Ap's Spiritual Coverage Network for over 2 years. Neuza Itioka, with whom I learned a lot about Spiritual Warfare, Liberation and Inner Healing, and I still have at Ap. Neuza Itioka a reference for my life.

I work in prayer and intercession movements for Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, being at the service of the Kingdom. 

Co-founder and leader of Church Healing Ministry, where I develop together with my husband, Lectures and Intensive Seminars, especially on Liberation, Inner Healing, Intercession and Prophetic Activation, being at the service of the Kingdom.

I am under the spiritual coverage and ministerial fatherhood of Ap. Erick Alpízar, President of the Ministry Internacionales Naiot. The Apostle and Prophet Erick Alpízar is also part of the Apostolic Team of the Apostolic Network of United Christian Ministries (RAMCU) and of the Management Team of the National Company of Prophets of Costa Rica, chaired by Ap. Rony Chaves, his coverage and ministerial father.


Throughout my ministerial journey, I have worked in the prophetic field, teaching and activating people to flow prophetically. I love equipping people in their purpose and leading them into a closer, more intimate relationship with God.  

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