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Prophetic Mentorship is developed by Pra. Daniele Carneiro and through online courses it aims to teach, equip and activate people to flow prophetically, to learn to hear the voice of God, to grow in intimacy with God and in their spiritual life.



Offered in two levels, with Prophetic Lab on both. Click below and see the themes. Starts in March 2023!

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      Pra. Dani's BLOG 



      "When we started the prophetic activation school, I began to better understand the gifts and the most interesting thing is that they became more frequent, in fact, I started to understand more and to know that they were the gifts in action. In addition to the theoretical classes, which they are very deep and explanatory, the practical activities and the prophetic activation, gave me experiences that I never thought I would have in my life. In short, it changed my way of seeing the spiritual world."

      Rodrigo Fiuza

      "For me it was a turning point in my spiritual life. Right in the first classes,
      the Lord activated a gift, the prophetic art, wow, in my life it was a watershed. I'm learning to deal with this new gift for me,   trying to find out more about it and the other always powerful classes.
      So let the 2nd class come!"
      Rubens Gomes

      "My name is Rosilene and in 2022 I took EAP level 1.
      My vision was opened, I acquired new knowledge and many doubts I had regarding the programming content, the prophetic were clarified.
      It was a watershed in my spiritual, ministerial and personal life as well. I highly recommend this course. It will make a difference in your life too!
      Now on to EAP Level 2!
      God be praised!"

      Rosilene Pinho

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